[TOAS] Miracle Intence Vitamine C Ampule (Whitening) 30ml


Miracle Intence Vitamine C Ampule (Whitening) 30ml

*A fresh, water-type formula with a quick absorption of moisture.
Refreshing citrus scent, transparent and yellowish, good absorption, moisturize the skin~

* Whitening improvement functional ampoule

* With 5 peptide ingredients and vitamin C, it is transparent skin
Brightening-Vitamin C ingredient helps clear and clear dull areas
Moisturizing Moisture-Fills the skin's moisture and helps the moisture to last longer
Skin soothing-Centella extract soothes the skin and gives it vitality

* Chamomile flower extract, green tea extract, licorice extract, co-extract extract - The plant extract ingredient keeps moisture in the skin and can be used for sensitive skin

* Ascorbyl glucoside - Completing clear and vibrant skin tone
Prevents melanin from depositing on the skin, suppresses the appearance of blemishes and freckles, and brightens and brightens the skin tone

* Glutathione-Transparent skin whitening effect
It inhibits melanin-forming enzymes and blocks the process of melanin production, helping to make the skin clear and bright

[How to use]
Used at night

* Double effect when applied before sleeping
* Maintaining oil and moisture balance
* Less stickiness keeps you fresh

[Daytime use]
Apply as a sunscreen
Maintain oil and moisture balance
Maintains moisture without lifting makeup

After cleansing, clean the skin with toner
and gently apply an appropriate amount to the entire face using the eyedropper
If necessary, pat lightly with lotion> cream to absorb