[TOAS] Miracle Aqua Peeling Gel 100g Blackhead Exfoliation Moisturizing Contains caviar extract


Toas Miracle Aqua Peeling Gel 100g
Blackhead Exfoliation

By filling moisture in the skin, the moisturizing effect
helps to hold moisture, keeping the dry skin moist and making it dry

Hypoallergenic peeling gel-Removes only waste products without irritating skin

- Moisturizing
- Blackhead removal, pore management
It melts the black head and tightly slits the pores
- Dry skin
-I mprove skin texture

- Contains natural extracts
Minimize chemical components and contain natural extracts to reduce irritation to the skin

- Contains caviar extract
It provides nutrition to the skin and helps improve skin texture

[How to use]
It can be used by squeezing a suitable amount of pump type,
and it is portable and has a good grip
It is recommended 2-3 times a week
Take an appropriate amount before washing your face
and rub it on your face for 30 seconds to exfoliate and wash it off with lukewarm water