[Three Seconds] 4 flavors magic gargle,chewable,solid,portable toothpaste,soft foam 853g x 18/36T

3 Seconds
Magic Gargle 853g x 18/36 Tablets

Green Tea Mint / Ice Cool / Lemon / Peach

Gargle with foam to make it soft and moist.
Refreshing your mouth in just 3 seconds~
NO alcohol, NO bad breath, YES moisture, YES convenient

Which scent foam do you want?
Listed in order of degree of harmonization- (It may vary depending on individual differences)
Soft Peach -> Refreshing Lemon -> Refreshing Green Tea Mint -> Cool Ice Cool

* Removes all 10 problem ingredients including alcohol
NO alcohol, NO animal-derived ingredients, NO tricholic acid, NO synthetic surfactant,
NO parabens, NO mineral oil, NO preservatives, NO microplastics, NO CMIT/MIT, NO pigments

* It contains 5 kinds of natural ingredients that live vividly
It does not irritate the oral cavity. It is an ingredient that helps remove bad breath.
It can be used during dental treatment

- Sage X: Excellent for antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, sterilization and disinfection, helping to prevent oral inflammation
- Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract helps the flavonoids of green tea remove bad breath
- Sodium cocoyl glutamate: A surfactant derived from coconut is used. Less stimulation and gentle cleaning possible.
- Centella Quantitative Extract: A natural ingredient that has excellent care for damaged gums, helps to produce collagen, a protein that makes up the gums, suppresses damage to gum tissue and prevents gum disease
- Xylitol: Helps prevent tooth decay
* Contains vitamins and fluoride for cleanliness and prevention of various diseases at once!
It contains 583.21PPM of fluoride, so children over 6 years old can use it gently.
* Chip-type natural mint flavor is added
* Hygienic individual packaging makes it easy to carry and does not generate powder

[How to use]
Brush your teeth and gargle at once!

OK even with a toothbrush, OK without it!

When you have a toothbrush?
Put it in your mouth and chew it to form a foam
After brushing your teeth thoroughly, rinse with water

When you don't have a toothbrush?
Put it in your mouth and chew it to create a bubble,
massage it with your tongue without a toothbrush, and spit it out.
Rinse 2-3 times with water and spit out