[Three Care] Original Kalamansi/Kalatox Cleans 100ml x 30 Days Detox Diet

[Three Care]
Original Kalamansi/Kalatox Cleanse 100ml x 30 days

100% NFC juice (Not From Concentrate, non-concentrated fruit juice)
A method of making raw fruit juice by squeezing or grinding fruit without adding a drop of water

When making fruit juice, there is only a minimal process,
so you can feel the natural taste of the fruit more luxuriously because the fruit juice is reduced

Maple syrup and kale pepper toxify cala lens

Nutritional supply essential! -Maple syrup
Capsaicin-Red pepper extract powder
15 100% calamansi juice
Upgrade amino acids
Without diluting it in water,
it is enough to take 1 packet a day both indoors
and on the go with "Kalamansi Cleanse" Easycut!

[Recommended for these people]

Those with low fruit intake
Those who are full of fatigue due to lack of vitamins
Those who eat irregular meals

[How to drink]

30Days Cleans Plan
-Calamansi Cleanse Juice to take charge of a refreshing day!
Take 1 packet on an empty stomach in the morning
If you are having trouble eating it on an empty stomach, you can eat it before lunch

10Days Cleans Plan
If you want to feel the new lightness every day, please eat hanpo before meals
If you don't eat every meal, you can eat it before lunch or dinner, especially when you're having a lot of meals