[THEHARNAY] UV Out Sunblock 70ml (SPF50+ PA+++) Moisturizing, bright Tone Up!

The Harnay
UV Out Sun Block 70ml
(SPF50+ PA+++)

Moisturizing, bright Tone Up!
- Good ingredients, sensitive skin OK
It excludes ingredients that may irritate the skin,
and tea tree extract and centella leaf extract help relieve skin irritation
- Compensation of the weaknesses of weapons and organic vehicles!
It is a blended vehicle that complements the weaknesses of inorganic tea and combines the advantages of organic tea, and boasts a moist and light adhesion without cloudiness
- Vital skin tone UP
No artificial colorant, calamine powder for instant tone-up, as well as whitening care with niacinamide that brightens dull skin
- Protect skin from UV
Reed extract and bokryeong extract relieve skin stress caused by UV rays and help repair skin barriers
- It has a moist and soft application with a pale pink color
It is a sunscreen that can tone up immediately when applied, and boasts a non-sticky, moist finish

[How to use]
At the final stage of basic care, apply evenly to the skin,
such as face, neck, arms, and legs, which are prone to exposure to UV rays