[The ZON] Corn Flakes Cheonmacha Gastrodia TEA 20g x 40 Pouch Korean TEA

Corn Flakes Gastrodia TEA 20g x 40 Pouch

Give us strength in your busy morning with a warm and savory cup of Cheonmacha
Gastrodia is a medicinal herb that was used so precious that it was recorded as descending from heaven in old books such as Donguibogam and Bonchogangmok
Among various nutrients, ergothionine in particular contains 50 times that of reishi mushrooms
The savory and crispy corn flakes are added to enhance the texture and increase the satiety
[The moment you need a Gastrodia Tea]
- When it is difficult to take even a simple meal
- When you study hard and want to take a break
- When you are stressed out of excessive work
- When you want to drink a cup of hot tea