The Real Chito Fat Blocking Product (920mg x 90EA) x 2EA Chitosan Diet to Capture Dietary Fat


The Real Chito Fat Blocking Product

(920mg x 90EA) 

The maximum amount of fat that can be prevented with daily intake is 280g, 2520kcal,
which is energy that can only be consumed by walking 1200 minutes!
-Main ingredient chitosan content, daily intake 3.5g
-Vitamin C main ingredient contained
-Antioxidant function
-Contains 552mg of chicory dietary fiber as an accessory ingredient

[How to take]
Take 3 tablets before a fat diet and 3 tablets after a diet with S-line tablets with water.
-It is better to take it before or after oily food.
-Diet control and exercise are effective in reducing body fat.
-Do not take it by infants and pregnant women.
-If you are allergic, check the ingredients before taking.
Especially if you are allergic to shrimp, do not take it.