The mysterious Pink Fong Baby Shark that follows me 37Month+

The Wonderful Pink Fong Baby Shark
That Follows Me

Package size: 25 x 23.5 x 22cm / Age of use: Over 37 months

A baby shark that speaks and sings while cooking and cooking along the magic wand
-If you put the magic stick close to your mouth, the baby shark makes various comments and movements!
-If you put the magic stick close to the star, the baby shark sings!
-When you press the fin, the sound turns on/stops!
-If you do not operate the product for 3 minutes,
the baby shark's message will appear and it will change to the automatic power saving mode.
Turn the fin or floor switch off and on and it will move again.
*Magic stick blue/pink (random delivery)
*The baby shark and the magic rod's sensor level are matched,
and it can be recognized smoothly within 2M of wireless reception distance.