The Harnay Cicaide Cicamide Repair and Moisture Cream 100ml


The Harnai Cicade Cream 100ml

When you want to restore broken skin barriers and dull skin
One cream for soothing irritated skin!
The meeting of Shikawa, which soothes and relieves irritation, and ceramide, which helps improve the moisturizing barrier!
-It is a cream formulation with good moisturizing power without stickiness and greasyness.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who have dry skin even after basic makeup
-Those who suffer from dry itchy skin
-People who are sensitive and sensitive and are basic nomads
-Those who are worried about loss of elasticity and fine wrinkles
-Those who need calming down due to frequent troubles
-People who quickly get excited about dryness even after making up

[How to use]

Apply it lightly at the last stage of skin care before going out in the morning,
and apply it thickly at the last stage of skin care after returning home in the evening,
so you can feel the smoother skin texture the next day.
-Intensive care for troubled areas
For intensive care on the troubled areas of the face! Apply it on the topical area with a cotton swab or hand for trouble care.
-Intensive care for wrinkles and deeply recessed areas
Apply intensively to areas that are troubled by wrinkles such as the forehead of the face, under the eyes, nasolabial folds or neck wrinkles.
-Moisturizing care for rough heels and elbows