[THANN] Rice Collection Extract Moisturizing Cream 80g

 Rice Collection Extract Moisturizing Cream 80g

Skin-friendly skin care with natural ingredients

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who suffer from severe dry skin and poor elasticity!
- Those who want to supply moisture and nutrition without grease and stickiness!
- Those who are looking for a moisturizing cream that can be used regardless of skin type!

* USDA certified
* Contains 10% rice bran oil- Maintains skin moisture for a long time and improves skin texture
* Contains stem cells of red rice extract (REGENISTEM RICE EXTRACT)
* Moisture supply, skin pore contraction
* Can be used for all skin types. Non-cotton products
* With a refreshing feel that is not sticky, it makes skin moist and transparent for a long time.

[main ingredient]
- Rice bran oil
- Evening primrose extract
- Red rice extract
- Shea butter extract