Elra New Face Galvanic ion massage White EFM-2500 Micro vibration Self-skin Home care Lifting LED Pore management

Elra New Face Galvanic massager

Helps to improve skin without irritation even on sensitive skin.

Micro vibration and massage
During operation, you can receive a massage at once with the minute vibration that is transmitted to the skin as it is.
Massage is the use of a safe low direct current to control the flow.
When operating the buttons on both sides of the Ella New Face,
it massages deeply into the skin to evenly penetrate the nutrients of cosmetics to help the skin.

The principle of a galvanic massager!

After applying the cleansing cream, lotion, etc., massage the entire face from the jaw line.
Deep cleansing of make-up residue and pores in the pores.
After care, wipe your face and equipment with tissue, gauze, etc. Helps remove skin wastes, shrink pores, and regulate clear skin by doubling the effectiveness of cleansing products

Helps to absorb good ingredients of functional cosmetics and helps to maintain clear and moist skin.

Lifting, Wrinkle Care, Massage
Shrinks pores and helps moisturizing your skin.
Absorbs the active ingredients of Lifting & Eye Cream to help resilient s

LED Therapy
This is a function that helps to make clean skin
Red Light: Red rays penetrate deeply into the skin with its long wavelength,helping to maintain elasticity of collagen and damaged skin.

[ How to use ]
1. Before use, clean your face with foam cleansing or soap and remove the water.
2. Apply massage cream or lotion to skin (face).
3. Turn on the power of the device and touch the button with your thumb and index finger.
4. Hold the product lightly, gently massage the head (plated) against the skin (face) .
*Management effects may vary depending on skin type, condition, and degree of skin damage.
5. After using the device, turn off the device and wipe the head (plated) with a dry cloth.
There is no built-in battery.