[Thank YOU Farmer] Ganghwa Gyodong Rice Clear Clay Pack Foam Cleanser 150ml

[Thank YOU Farmer]
Ganghwa Gyodong Rice Clear Pack Foam Cleanser 150ml

Unlike ordinary clay packs, it is convenient to finish deep cleansing from clay pack + clay foam in about 1-2 minutes
- Containing 100,000ppm Ganghwa Gyodong Rice
- 2in 1 pack and foam at the same time
Clay mask: Care of sebum and pores with a firm formulation containing clay
Cleansing Foam: Deep cleansing with rich foam generated when water comes in contact, removing waste products
- Low irritation test completed
No additives of 20 precautionary ingredients, no allergy-causing ingredients, no animal ingredients
- Contains natural ingredients that give synergy effects
Contains oat kernel extract, quinoa seed extract, and adlay seed extract

[How to use]
Apply evenly to dry skin, excluding the areas of the eyes and mouth,
dry for 1-2 minutes, moisten with water and create enough foam, then gently massage and rinse off