[TEzum] Non-contact Thermometer, Skin Infrared Thermometer, Infrared Detection Sensor

TEzum Non-contact thermometer
Fever thermometer

Domestically produced skin infrared thermometer measured by non-contact method

- One-click measurement Fast measurement within 2 seconds with one click
- Backlight
- Infrared detection sensor
- Non-contact measurement
- If the temperature is less than 34.0℃, a buzzer is displayed with "LO"
If the temperature exceeds 42.0℃, a buzzer is displayed with "HI"

- Automatic power saving mode, power turns off when not used for more than 1 minute

- Measure within 2 seconds

[How to measure]
After placing 2~3cm above the eyebrow from the forehead, press the measurement button

Since the forehead body temperature may vary depending on the measurement location,
repeat measurements at the exact location 2 or 3 times to check the highest body temperature