Teun Teun gym ball, dog patella dislocation prevention, dog exercise equipment

Teun Teun gym ball

dog patella dislocation prevention, dog exercise equipment

The sturdy gym ball is a specially designed dog muscle strengthening exercise device with a
stiff body engineering structure with a companion animal rehabilitation veterinarian.
It helps strengthen the dog's core and leg muscles through the process of balancing the ball using the elasticity of the ball.
No surgery is required, but if you have been diagnosed with a patellar stage 1 or higher, treatment is possible through rehabilitation exercises for the purpose of strengthening muscle strength.
-It can prevent the patella dislocation of the dog from worsening.
-Used for rehabilitation after surgery for various joint diseases such as patella dislocation of dogs.
-The easiest exercise equipment to do at home with a caregiver.
-Specially manufactured optimized material that delivers uniform vibration
-Artiburst function is installed.
-It is not easily damaged due to heavy weight.

[How to use]
If this is your first time doing core exercise!
Tighten the air pressure in the sturdy gym ball.
Place a blanket or mat under the sturdy gym ball so that you can feel as little shaking as possible.
Induce them to be on a strong gym ball with your favorite snack.
The guardian should hold the stiffness ball with the knee so that the dog can adapt.
* Adjust the air pressure loosely when you are used
The more shaking, the more multiplied the exercise effect.