[Terahealth] Premium Functional Waist Support

  • FUNCTIONAL POLY-TERAHEARTZ MATERIAL is inserted in the form of flat-patches and coatings to serve the body with various effects
  • POLY-TERAHERTZ is a safe material approved by the US FDA, an internationally recognized certification organization.
  • SLIM AND LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN leads you to wear it comfortably in everyday life, and boasts an optimized fit. Also, you can wear it inside outer clothes.
  • THE USE OF HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC ensures stable durability and ventilation even for long periods of time. 
  • MANY PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM TERRIBLE BACK PAIN use for pain relief purpose. This is not the hard-type support. 


Product Name: Terahealth Functional Waist Support

Origin: Korea

Ingredient: 6EA Poly-Terahertz Patch, Neoprene, Velcro, etc.

Size Adjustable Range: 28~38 inches

Colors: Black 

Weight: 85g