[Terahealth] Premium Body Massage Kassa

  • THEAHEALTH KASSA IS MADE OF 99.9999999%(9N) Poly-terahertz with hand made skills. Poly-terahertz is artificial ore developed in Japan. This ore helps to improve blood circulation, to generate Alpha-wave, and to increase body temperature by 0.4℃, which are all human friendly effects.
  • High GRADE POLY-TERAHERTZ HAS BEEN APPROVED BY US FDA for its excellent effects and also approved by other domestic and international test organization.
  • KASSA IS ABLE TO BE USED FROM HEAD TO TOE for its body message. Each parts of kassa(numbered 1~5) is made in different shapes, so can be used for slightly different purpose. For more details, please see the instruction.
  • WE RECOMMEND NOT TO USE KASSA FOR MORE THAN 15 MINUTES on the same body part. If you use body cream or oil it is more effective.
  • THE INDIVIDUAL SIZE AND WEIGHT of KASSA MAY SLIGHTLY due to the nature of the product being polished by hand craft. This product may be broken down is subjected to a strong shock. So, please handle with care.


Product Name: Terahealth Body Massage Energy Kassa

Feature: Hand Craft Product / Handle with care

Ingredient: 9N(99.9999999%) Poly-Terahertz Ore

Origin: Japan

Colors: Metal 

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