[Terahealth] Functional Kinesiology Pre-Cut Muscle Tape 4 Type

  • INSERT POLY-TERAHERTZ - This U.S. FDA approved functional material is applied to the adhesive surface of the tape. This material helps you for therapeutic effects from suffering or pain. Because of ruler marking, it is easy to cut the desired length exactly and attach it to the desired area on your body.
  • GET BACK INTO THE GAME by easily reducing chronic muscular pain conditions in joints Achilles Tendon muscles and tendons. Water proof tape provides you strong adhesion no matter what you are soaking wet with sweat or after your post workout shower.
  • PATENTED MICRON FABRIC not only gives excellent ventilation but also comfortable fit without any annoying stickiness once removed. You can feel confident at home workout or gym by keeping your body secure and supported.
  • EXCELLENT TENSILE STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE OF THE FABRIC itself makes it possible to feel optimized performance. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue, provide pain relief, increase blood circulation and therefore boost your performance.
  • PROFESSIONAL CHOICE - Terahealth kinesiology tapes are widely used by professional soccer team, baseball team, volleyball team, military, and physical therapist in Korea. DO NOT compare with other similar products, but just try this amazing tape!


Product Name: Terahealth Kinesiology Pre-cut Tape 4 Type

Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: Patented High Grade Micron Fabric, Poly-Terahertz Powder

Type: Waist Pain, Knee Pain, Wrist Pain, Calf Cramp

Colors: Beige

Weight: 55g