Telse Kombucha Teatox Essence 150ml Contains 74% of kombucha extract

Telse Kombucha Teatox Essence 150 ml

-Instead of purified water, it contains 74% of kombucha extract,which has a teatox effect, in a high content.
After cleansing, the weakly acidic water essence that comes into contact
with the skin clears the rough and sensitive skin, providing a healthier, glowing and glowing skin.

** The teatox effect of kombucha
Kombucha, made by fermenting black tea, is attracting worldwide attention for its skin care and inner beauty effects.
The teatox effect of various vitamins and lactic acid bacteria in kombucha soothes sensitive and crumb skin smoothly and healthily.
-Instant moisture glow filled with triple hyaluronic acid
Triple hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes instantly fills the skin with moisture, making it moisturized and radiant without drying out.
Non-sticky water essence type, weakly acidic water essence type that can be used as a substitute for toner.
Use in the first step after cleansing to form a non-sticky moisturizing film.
If you have dry skin, layer with Kombucha Essence 2-3 times.
You can experience a feeling of moisture that accumulates more moistly.
-With a vegan prescription that removes ingredients that are easy to burden the skin,
such as animal ingredients, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances, as well as animal testing, it keeps our skin mild and healthy.

How to use: After cleansing, in the first step of skin care, moisten a cotton ball for absorption along the skin texture,
or take an appropriate amount on the palm and tap lightly for absorption.
On a day when your skin is toxic, soak a cotton pad with essence and take a break with a skin pack for 5-10 minutes.