Teazen Hibiscus Tea 1.8g x 100T

Teazen Hibiscus
1.8g x 100T

Teazen hibiscus is pleasing to the eyes and mouth with its red color and sweet-sour taste.
Enjoy the refreshing aroma and freshness
that spreads in your mouth with this easy-to-drink tea bag type.
Tea of ​​the beautiful goddesses, Teazen Hibiscus.
Hibiscus has an attractive sweet-sour taste and red color.
It is manufactured only with raw materials according to Tizen's strict raw material import logic.
In particular, each one is carefully packaged individually, so you can eat it hygienically and conveniently. Enjoy a cup of hibiscus tea on a day when you need sweet and sour.

[How To Eat]
Put 1 tea bag in 120ml of 100℃ hot water and boil for 2~3 minutes.
You can also enjoy it as ICE by adding the following ice to a small amount of water.