TEAZEN Grapefruit Tea (5g x 30EA) Juiced Powder Tea / Fruit Powder /17kcal

Teazen Grapefruit Tea
5g x 30 EA
It is a powdered stick type beverage containing grapefruit juice powder
made by grinding whole real grapefruits from Florida, USA. Contains 1,000mg per stick.
It is a drink that is easy to drink instead of water with its light calories (17kcal) and refreshing taste.
It contains hibiscus extract powder and green tea extract powder.
It is easy to enjoy with meals or as a dessert after meals.
Just pour water on one stick and you can drink rich and delicious grapefruit water.
A powder that dissolves well in cold water.

[How to drink]
Add 1 pack of sticks to 250ml ~500ml of water, shake well before taking.
It is delicious even if you enjoy it with sparkling water.