[YuFit] T-Laser Anti Aging Face Skin Care LED Whitening Mask for Dull Skin, Wrinkle, Spot, Blemish



[Product Component]

T-Laser whitening system is a whitening machine that helps you to focus your dull skin with spots and blemishes by excellent whitening effects and keeps your skin clear and beautiful.

1. T-Laser LED Face Mask 1EA

2. Face Cream 1EA


[Features of Product]
  • Whitening Effect - LED wave makes your skin tone up brighter
  • Collagen - LED light help manage collagen
  • Freckle, Dark circle, Pore - It helps remove or improve freckle and dark circle and manage enlarged pore
  • Melanin - It helps improve melanin in the skin
  • 1 Day / 1 Time / 9 Minutes LED care is enough by innovative and new cheek zone LED mask


[Features of Products]

1. Korea manufactured high grade 660nm LED inserted

2. Just one purchase and permanent use possible

3. KC approved for safe use


[How to Use]

1. Insert small batteries on the bottom of the left leg of glass

2. Insert the nose rubber as shown in the picture

3. Set the switch ON and use it for 9 minutes once everyday