Swagger Mens Toner, essence, lotion All-in-One Lotion Face Optimizer 120ml

Men's All-in-One Lotion Face Optimizer 120ml

Toner, essence, lotion All-in-one men's lotion!
Zero stickiness!
-Moisture of toner, elasticity of essence, softness of lotion at once!!
-A neutral scent that balances the scents of to·ba·cco, bergamot, cedar wood, and black tea!
-More than 7 kinds of natural ingredient extracts (grapefruit, allantoin, machi, papaya, witch hazel, etc.)

[How to use]
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of Swager Face Optimizer to the palm or back of the hand to relieve it.
Instead of rubbing it all over the palm of your hand, apply it over your face with your fingers and spread it out.