[SUMANO] Dewey and Gloy Cream 15ml Mini Intensive Hydrating Cream

Dewey and Gloy Cream 
Mini Intensive Hydrating Cream

Sumano's signature moisture intensive cream with elder flower water
that delivers a deep hydration and carefully selected ingredients (rosemary leaf oil, olive oil, vegetable squalane) that
form a moisture barrier from the harsh external environment for vitality and clear skin.

[Recommended for such people. ]

- Those who are always worried about skin tightness regardless of the season
- Those who want a non-sticky moisture and nutrition to last for a long time
- People who need a moisturizing cream to use as the next step of the Sumano Pack
- Those who are concerned about skin damage caused by cold wind and strong sunlight
A four-season signature intensive moisturizing cream that melts into the skin with a soft texture like a fresh cream
and delivers a moisturizing feeling and smooth glow deep into the skin.

[How to use]
As a basic finish, apply gently according to the skin texture at the stage of using a lotion or cream for absorption.
After using Sumano Pack or Two-Go Pack, take an appropriate amount and use it for deep moisturizing/nutrition care.