[Sumano] AM Skin PM Mask Balancing Essence Mask 70 Pads 150ml Moisturizing Soothing Elderflower

Sumano AM Skin & PM Mask 70 Pads 150ml

Balancing essence mask

* Sumano's signature essence mask pack that
keeps delicate skin moist and smooth all day with a simple skin essence in the morning
and a comfortable intensive mask pack in the evening
with the rich moisturizing and soothing power of elderflower water.

* Power to overcome skin stress
As it becomes sensitive to external harmful environments, it quickly lowers the temperature of the hot skin,
and the natural ingredients of Sumano Pack focus on protecting the skin.

* Cellulose + rayon natural-derived sheet to prepare skin without irritation
* Skin hypoallergenic test completed
* Main ingredients: elder flower water, 7- super berry complex, elder flower extract-soothing, moisturizing, skin immunity care
7- Super Berry Complex
Acai berry, bilberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry
Alkanna Tinctoria Root-Suppression of irritation and hypersensitivity reactions

Sunflower seed oil-moisturizing, natural skin protective film
Adenosine-skin elasticity, vitality

[Recommended for such a person]

- Those who need easy intensive moisture care in the morning and evening
- Those who need a skin booster that is moist all day long
- Those who want deep moisture and nutrition without irritation
- Those who want immediate skin soothing due to yellow dust and fine dust

[How to use]

Lightly wipe the entire face along the skin texture with a single skin pad
(moisturizing layering is possible with multiple padding.)
In dry weather, put 3-4 sheets on the forehead, both cheeks,
and chin to use as a soothing and intensive mask pack.