Sulwhasoo Man Boyun 2 Set Man Inner Charging Serum/Emulsion Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract

Sulwhasoo Man Boyun 2 Set

Man Inner Charging Serum 140ml /Emulsion 90ml

Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract provide total skin care

The woody scent, completed by adding modern masculine beauty based on sol scent,
acupuncture, and sandalwood scent,
expresses the steadfast leader's dignity and provides a sense of relaxation and stability.

-Carefully selected ingredients and careful prescription to strengthen the skin's fundamentals
-Water gel type skin combination essence full of moisture
-A deep and rich woody scent that provides relaxation to tired skin
-Provides healthy and energetic male skin by forming a moisture barrier

[How to use]
The first step after cleansing, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand,
apply it gently from the inside to the outside with your fingers,
and tap it lightly for absorption.