Steady :D Cica Leaf Blackhead Melting Stick 16g

Steady :D
Cica Leaf Blackhead Melting Stick 16g

- Melting stick for blackheads, sebum, and dead skin cells
A cleansing stick that gently dissolves sebum and blackheads in the pores to remove waste.
* Centella asiatica mild scrub
Real Centella asiatica 12,000ppm scrub removes dead skin cells on the skin surface and soothes the skin.
*Sebum absorption , Green clean clay mudstick
Centella asiatica mud stick containing 11% kaolin.
Absorbs sebum and wastes to deeply cleanse the pores.
*Blackhead all-kill
As the cleansing oil stick is emulsified, it gently melts blackheads and dead skin cells to create a smooth skin texture.
*97% deep pore cleansing
*8 kinds of harmful ingredients-free prescription
Sulfate surfactant, soap, animal raw material, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea,
triethanolamine, tar color, artificial fragrance free

[How to use]
Apply on dry skin with blackheads as the center (nose, T-zone, chin),
gently roll with your fingers, and rinse thoroughly with cleansing foam or water.
Gently roll over the areas where the dead skin cells are raised and worried.
It is more effective when used together with a pore brush.