Stain Remover 600g Partial Wash,Blood Stain Remover, Daily Stain Proteolytic Enzyme Detergent


Cleanseum Stain Remover 600g

Partial Wash, Blood Stain ,Daily Stain Remover  

Essential detergent for homes with children and women!

Proteolytic enzyme detergent

*Food stains
*Stain from art activities
* Cosmetic stains
Cleanseum is specialized for such stains.
** Full of proteolytic enzymes optimized for erasing blood!

[How to use]
-For old blood stains, soak in detergent and leave for 10 minutes or more to rub and rinse.
If the mark remains, repeat to erase the blood.
* There is a difference depending on the type of fabric, and if the fabric is thin and soft, be careful not to damage it.
If it is already boiled, the effect is reduced.

It is recommended for these people.
-Those who raise children who are growing up
-Those who want to remove menstrual blood and nosebleed stains
-Those who want to remove stains such as the collar of the shirt and the yellow stain on the inside of the hat
-People who are looking for a portable stain remover along with a household stain remover