SSAPER Electric Multi Port Cooker One-touch power button stainless steel interior

Electric Multi Port

-One bag of ramen, 1L capacity (maximum capacity 700ml is indicated.)
-Ultra-fast heating
-One-touch power button
-Separate power cord
-Various dishes available
1 bag of ramen/udon, soup/porridge, boiled egg/boiled dish/heating instant rice, soup/jjigae, tteokbokki, fish cake soup
* Transparent glass cover showing the cooking process
* C-shaped partial heating wire, stainless steel interior-Excellent thermal efficiency allows quick cooking and is hygienic due to easy cleaning.
* Integrated handle with excellent grip
* Separate power cable

-This product is a continuous heating system, not an automatic power off method.
-It is dangerous to overflow the water if it boils with water above the MAX marked on the product.
-Be careful as there is a risk of fire if you use it without water.
-Before the first use, be sure to wash with diluted vinegar before use.
-Remove scale (white powder) regularly. (Put 200ml of water + 3 tablespoons of vinegar and boil.)
Rated voltage :220v~,60Hz/550w