Spill-proof BeBe Snack Bowl Baby/Kids Food Tray


Spill-proof BeBe Bowl

Snack bowls for babies that do not spill the contents in any direction
From babies who are just starting baby food, to babies who walk around toddlers,
to toddlers who play in the playground without knowing how time goes by ... all of them can be used by children.
-Handle part bending treatment
The handle part is curved so that the child can easily take it by hand,
and it is designed so that it cannot be easily missed or dropped, so it is okay to eat while walking or running.
-There is a rotating ball inside the bottom plate, so it rotates 360 degrees no matter which direction it is lifted
(since the rotating ball always maintains equilibrium), the contents of the rotating ball do not flow down easily.
-It is easy to clean because the components are separated.