[Sov9 Nine] Double RX Repair Cream 50g WrinkleTraceWhitening Highly Concentrated Moisturizer


Sov9 Double RX Repair Cream 50g

Wrinkle,Trace,Whitening Highly Concentrated Moisturizer

* Quick moisturizing management + nutrition supply + blemish care, skin soothing

Hyaluronic acid, propolis, beta glucan, allantoin, jojoba oil -
Power moisturizing natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to fill and maintain moisture

Squalane, chamomile, green tea, golden extract, rose hip oil, borage seed oil -
After filling moisture, it supplies insufficient nutrients to the aging skin to regain lost vitality and brighten skin

* Wrinkle, elasticity care + whitening care

Fermentation bottle extract, adenosine, niacinamide
cares and prevents wrinkles with excellent functional ingredients for fermentation concentrate, whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Ceramide, vitamin E, panthenol, licorice extract
cares for rough and shiny skin due to aging and lack of moisture

Soft rose scent, rich cream, soft spread and moist feeling, absorbed quickly to protect skin