[SOV9] Control Pore Serum 80ml Pore Reduction / Shrinkage Management / Increased Pore Reduction

[SOV 9]
Control Pore Serum 80ml

-The skin is greasy due to oiliness
- The pores are noticeably wider
- I'm worried about the uneven skin texture.
If you have these concerns, I recommend Sov9 Control Pore Serum!
*Shrink pores / balance oil and moisture / control sebum / improve skin texture
It prevents the accumulation of impurities in the pores through sebum control and hair treatment,
and tightens the pores inside and outside the skin to manage the pores
It gently cares for pores without irritation to the skin by using natural extracts.
It is a lightweight formulation that absorbs quickly and controls sebum to keep your skin smooth all day long

Q: After applying, it is dry.
A: Control Pore Serum suppresses the secretion of sebum and tightens pores, so you can feel dry skin
After using the serum, reapply the cream to finish the basic steps

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount in the morning and evening and gently apply it on the skin

It is also good to reapply several times on areas with troubled pores