[Sooryehan] Bichaek Jinsaeng smart 3 types set (Skin Lotion Cream )


[Sooryehan] Bichaek Jinsaeng smart 3 types set 

Secrets to the beauty of beauty

Herbal ingredients for rough and dry skin

* Bichaek Ginsaeng sap 80ml

* Bichaek Ginsaeng Latex 80ml

* Bichaek Ginsaeng Cream 30ml

* Bichaek Essence 10ml (gift)

* Eye Cream 6ml (gift)


Keep moist without pulling for a long time

For those who are worried about deep wrinkles,
those who have dull and dark skin tone,
who are looking for highly moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics,
and those who are suffering from rough and dry skin,it provides long, clear and moist skin.

Herbal energy filling up the skin

Root, leaves, flowers and various herbal medicines of fresh ginsaeng grown in
South Korea's clean area are decocted 
for 72 hours in traditional Korean medicine medicinal herbs.