[SOONNOC] Sensitive Cleansing Milk 200ml Removes blackheads, dead skin cells, and makeup

Sensitive Cleansing Milk 200ml

- Hypoallergenic, weakly acidic cleansing milk that removes blackheads, dead skin cells, and makeup with the golden ratio of milk extract and natural oil
-The cleansing milk gently dissolves the sebum in the pores and does not irritate the pores
- Completed clinical trial to remove fine dust, cleansed 94% of fine dust
Skin mild cleansing
Allergy-causing artificial pigments, pore membranes are silicone, skin irritation scrubs,
allergy-causing artificial fragrances, alcohol, and cotton impurities are not added
- PH 5.7 weak acid balance
It helps the skin barrier and maintains the oil and moisture balance to make the skin healthy
- Soft and moist formulation.

[Recommended for these people!]
- Lee, who is worried about blackheads
- Those who are worried about the dead skin cells that appear white
- People who want a neat makeup cleansing
- Those who are concerned about fine dust skin

[How to use]
Pump the milk 1-2 times into dry hands
Apply evenly on your face without water and roll for about 30 seconds.
Roll a little more for dark color makeup
Add a little warm water and roll it longer on areas that need care, such as nose and brow About 30 seconds
Once you've rolled enough, rinse thoroughly with running water (lukewarm water)