SOME BY MI Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream 50ml x 2EA

Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream 50ml

*Pink vitality tone up
Naturally-derived pink color of vitamin 12,
not an artificial pink formulation, tones up dull skin naturally and vitally
-You can adjust the degree of tone up according to the amount applied.
* Moisture tone up
With rich moisturizing ingredients of 70% western rose water,
it gently applies as if applying a moisturizing cream, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.
*Multi-care system
A smart multi-care product with dual functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle improvement,
as well as for both body care and makeup base use.
-Only one: Apply only one tone-up cream to create real white skin-like skin.
-Mix it up: Mix it with a darker foundation than your inner skin tone and use it according to your skin tone.
-As a base makeup: If you apply makeup after applying the tone up cream, you can keep your skin bright for a long time.
*Low irritation test completed
It is not a makeup tone-up product, but a product that adds a tone-up effect to a pure basic cosmetic base,
and uses safe ingredients with all ingredients of EWG1-3 grade.

[How to use]

For skin care:
Basic Care -> Tone Up Cream (Used at the last stage of skin care)
Basic Care -> Tone Up Cream -> Sun Cream -> Foundation