So Natural Water Draw Keeping Insure Cream 75ml

So Natural
Water Draw Keeping Insure Cream 75ml

* With 30% glacial water, it helps supply moisture, store moisture and retain moisture.
*Contains marine collagen, hyacinth extract, cactus extract, marshmallow extract, macadamia seed oil
* With a moist and soft feeling, it makes the skin more moist and maintains the skin texture as if it were soaked in water.
* A light, moist cream formula that gently applies and fills the skin with moisture for a moist finish.
It is absorbed into the skin as it is without stickiness or residue,
and the inside is moist and the outside is finished with fresh skin, so there is almost no oily feeling.

[How to use]
Every morning and evening, after cleansing,
take an appropriate amount at the next step of the moisturizing essence and apply gently along the skin texture.