So Natural So Vegan Ginger Clay Mask 110ml Pore care, sebum absorption mud pack

So Natural
So Vegan Ginger Clay Mask 110ml

Sebum adsorption mud pack that meets ginger and yellow clay to cleanly care for sebum and impurities in pores and help skin tidy up
It is a cream-type clay mask that applies gently,
and the toughness of ginger and firm clay are thinly adhered to the skin to take care of sebum, pores, and impurities.

[How to use]

After washing your face, apply it away from your eyes and mouth, and after 5-7 minutes,
it will dry white and rinse off with lukewarm water.
Fast drying, 7 minutes cut!
You can easily and conveniently take care without waiting for a long time.
-You may use it partially on areas with a lot of sebum.
-Drying speed may vary depending on skin temperature and environment.