So Natural Peach Deo armpit sweat Pact 10g x2EA

So Natural Peach Deo Sweat Pact 10g

Sweat Deo Parfum
Smooth tone up sweat pact
* Tone-up deo-fact as if you just took a shower
* There is a built-in hooking puff that enhances the adhesion of the powder, so you don't need to touch it! Convenient to use.
- Brightly illuminate dull armpits with bright peach beige, and fragrant as if sprayed with fresh peach scent!
Even in the sweltering heat of midsummer, you can keep it soft as if you just took a shower.
A thin powder film that forms immediately upon application removes sweat and oil immediately, helping to keep the skin soft.

[How to use]
Using the built-in puff,
take an appropriate amount of the contents and spread it on the armpit area.