So Natural Makeup Holding Powder Fixer 6g x 2EA

So Natural
Makeup Holding Powder Fixer 6g

*Fixer + No Sebum Powder in one sweet item!
- Light pouch with mini mini size!
*Smooth sebum control as soon as you apply it!
* Fix morning makeup without smearing
*Smooth pore cover like a photoshop
*Ultraviolet protection SPF 17/PA+
* Choose color according to skin tone
- Bright Pink brightens the skin tone with soft pink curls that do not cause irritation to the skin, allowing for bright makeup.
-Pure White is a transparent white tone color that allows make-up with a clean and neat feeling.
*Make-up fixation & sebum control are possible just by tapping with a small amount,
so apply lightly when using normally.

[How to use]
Apply lightly around the eyes before eye makeup or after makeup,
focusing on areas with high sebum secretion.