[So Natural] Geomundo Sea Wind Mugwort Cream Mask 135ml Heating On Green Gel Skin Tone Care Wash Off


So Natural Geomundo Sea Wind Mugwort Cream Mask

Massage mugwort cream mask that turns heating on green gel and turns white cream into clear skin

* Geomundo Sea Pungworm Extract 100ppm
* Nourishing with warm heat
* Clean and bright skin care
* Self Massage Healing Care

Skin tone care and vitality care

Sewage extract Cheongung extract

Keratin Care

Angelica Extract BHA

Skin Soothing

Fresh extract, Centella asiatica extract

Formulation: A gel-to-cream formulation that is emulsified with a white cream as you rub from green gel.
Warm warmth delivers rich nutrition of mugwort, heating up and helps to care for waste and nourish the pores.

How to use

After cleansing, gently massage for 2-3 minutes in dry condition and wash off with lukewarm water.

* Rolling continues the heating force.

Massage Tips
1. Massage the lower jaw area of ​​the ear by rounding it.
2. Swipe the side clown up and massage.
3. Press the temple to massage.
4. Roll and massage like nasolabial folds.