[So Natural] Home Spa Bath Towel



[Features of Product]

    • Fresh body corneous clear - Natural yam fabric removes dead skin cells in the shower and keeps skin smooth
    • Mini Pink soap vegetable oil soap - 97% nature derived soap is excellent in soft touching. No skin irritation
    • Durable double-sewing soap net(1st stitching /  2nd sewing) - It can be used for a long time by double-sewing to prevent tearing
    • It is a rectangular shape that is that catches comfortably in line with your hand. Because of hand band that can be used on the hand, it is convenient to use

    [Who Needs This product?]

    - Who is worried about rough and dry body      

    - Who want to do massage, scrub, wash at once   

    - Who want to feel relaxed as if you scrubbed your body    


    Product Name: Home Spa Bath Towel

    Ingredient: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, willow tree extract, rosemary extract,aloe extract, olive oil, hyaluron, etc.

    Brand: So Natural

    Origin: South Korea

    ** After using the product, rinse it in running water and dry. **