SNP Prep Vitaronic Toner Pad 135ml Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B5 / Young Green Tangja Extract

SNP Prep Vitaronic Toner Pad 135ml

Vital Toner Pad

Vital Toner Pad that contains vitamin C and vitamin B5
for those who suffer from dead skin cells that can be recharged with vitality.

A toner pad moistened with a toner containing vitamins gently cares for rough skin texture,
completing a clean and smooth skin texture.

-Easy to clean up skin texture after cleansing and before skin care
-Removal of skin surface waste
-Contains Young Green Tangja Extract
-Contains vitamin tree extract, camouflage extract, lemon extract
-One-step open container
-Different double-sided pads
Soft embossing surface: It can be used on the entire face with a soft texture
and provides skin crystallization and moisture supply.
Gauze cotton for special care: Wipe and care areas with a lot of dead skin,
such as nose, chin, and behind ears.
-Hygienic sealing
-Skin irritation test completed

[Recommended for such a person]

-Those who are worried about rough skin texture
-Those who need skin radiance
-Those who want to freshly remove skin waste
-Anyone who feels skin fatigue regardless of application

[How to use]
After cleansing, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes in the direction of the skin texture.
It can be used as a substitute for toner every day and finish with skin care after use.
* Use it on your elbows or knees to have smooth skin.