[Slow Wrap] Foot Waste Removal Patch



[Features of Product]

  • Natural bamboo sap, Vitamin C, Spore mushroom, Chitosan, Dextrin, Chitin and other active ingredients to heat your feet and helps to drain sweat
  • After a certain period of time from attach, the patch turns into dark due to sweat
  • Attach the patch on your feet before sleep to make sweat that helps patch out waste
  • Due to the nature of the product, the color changes when the water touches, but the waste of sweat is not released. Be sure to attach it directly to your feet.


[Who Needs This product?]

- Who is standing up or sitting for a long time

- Who mainly wear shoes for daily activity

- Whose feet are often swollen when evening comes


Product Name: Foot Waste Removal Patch

Feature: 5 transparent bags in a box / 2 patches per transparent bags

Brand: Slow Wrap

Origin: South Korea

** There may be differences in effects due to the body condition and metabolism of individual. **