[SLENDERTONE]Abs 7 Abdominal Toning Belt EMS Training Core Exercise Equipment Belly Fat Diet

Slenderton Abs 7

abdominal toning belt full pack / controller, charger, 1 set of gel pads included

It is the EMS machine with the most similar shape, part, and strength to the equipment used in EMS studio.


* EMS training at home / Core exercise / Abs / Six pack / Strengthening
* Adjustable strength and program from low strength to high strength
* Wireless wearable product, regardless of place or situation
* Because it stimulates the muscle 150 times in 4 seconds,
it can bring a 6-hour exercise effect to a 20-minute exercise.
* Safe, non-affected devices approved by the US FDA.
* Easy to use controller, fully charged for 3 hours!
The controller is compatible with abdominal, bottom (hip / thigh) and arm products.

* Perfect abs workout

-Strengthen all muscles in the abdomen,
internal / external abdominal muscles, transverse abdominal muscles, rectus abdominis muscles (six pack)
-It helps create and strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are difficult to see with general exercise, and reduce waist circumference.

* 10 different programs
-1 ~ 7 passive programs are programs that can be used in a static position.
They can be used in everyday life such as sitting on a desk, washing dishes, and walking.
-Active programs 8 to 10 are used during exercise.
Try jogging and cycling 8 times, and crunching 9 and 10 times together.

[How to use and care]

Please use it steadily for 4 to 8 weeks, 5 times a week.
For the best effect and stability, it is recommended to replace the pad after using 25 to 35 times.
(If used well, it can be used up to 45 times.)
Pad attachment position can be adjusted according to the waist circumference. (24 ~ 42inch)

[Button Function Description]

1.ON / OFF button (pause)
2. Strength increase button (R / L)
3.Intensity reduction button (R / L)
4.Program button
5.Information button
* Mute function 4 Press the program button for 2 seconds to activate the mute function
* Lock function 5 (in use) Press the information button for 2 seconds to activate the lock function