Sleep Stretching 15 Minute Project-Back Stretch Pillow

Sleep Stretching 15 Minute Project

Back Stretch Pillow

-A new concept pillow that helps stretch your back even if you lie down
-Every day lying down and stretching your waist for 15 minutes
-If stretching is added to the straight spine and spinal exercises for improvement are added,
the right habit to protect the back health!
-You can lie on your side, so stretch while changing your posture.
-Pocket-type wing design, ergonomic design, flexibly supports the curve of the waist.
* Those with stiff straight spine and lower back may experience pain at the first use.
Please use it gradually increasing the time according to your situation.
-Mist air cool material inner skin (moisture absorption, quick-drying air cool material to ventilate to prevent mite formation)
-Skin separation, washable, more clean use

[It's great if these people use it.]

-Lumbar disc, lumbar disease early pain
-Scale spine, scoliosis
-Weakening of the back muscles due to lack of exercise
-Office workers, bad posture of students.
-Those who have a long standing job

Inner cover: 92% polyester + 8% spandex
Foam material: 100% memory foam/polyester
Weight: Approximately 800 g
* Please detach and wash with a wool course using a laundry net.
Hand wash with regular detergent or wool shampoo.
Wash only the cover after removing the cover.
When it is dry, dry it in a well-ventilated shade.