Skinny Lab Apple Phenon Green Apple Diet Jelly (20g x 14 EA) x 2Box

Skinny Lab
Apple Phenon Green Apple Diet Jelly

20g x 14 Packs

Dieters' snacks that don't starve
-Apple phenone, a green apple extract that has been recognized to help reduce body fat
Use of green apples containing 10 times more polyphenols than ordinary mature apples.
Patented new diet material concentrated 250 times from green apples-green apple extract apple phenone
-600mg of green apple extract applephenone can be ingested in the form of jelly.

[Human body test result]

-Check your weight loss
-Check the reduction of waist circumference
-Confirmation of decrease in BMI index
-Check the reduction of hip circumference
-Confirmation of reduction of visceral fat area
-Confirmation of reduction in total abdominal fat area
Intake Method: Chew and consume 1 packet twice a day, once a day.