SKINFOOD Citron /Yuja Seed Blemish Clear Essence 150ml


Yuja Seed Blemish Clear Essence

If blemishes come up, if spots are visible, Yuzu C blemishes clear line
-Pure essence containing 96% citron extract and essential ingredients
-All ingredients are 7, ingredients are minimum.
-Vitamin C derivative
-Triple blemishes care
Apply and care for blemishes step by step with three effective ingredients.
-Whitening + soothing ingredients (contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate, tranexamic acid)
-It is a light and quick-absorbing water texture that delivers soft moisture after absorption.

[How to use]

Daily Blemish Essence
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and pat it lightly on the skin for absorption.

Toner & Essence Skin Care
It is a water type essence and can be used easily as one.

Day when you want to focus more on your skin
Moisten a cotton ball and place it on the skin for a while to use it like a pack.