SKINFOOD Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum 120ml

Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum 120ml

-Light but powerful antioxidant bubble serum
-Contains 40% sea grape extract and 10% deep ocean water
-Deep Sea Lifting 2X: Strengthening the elasticity of the water grape bounce line
containing sea energy composed of seaweed extract and sea collagen, etc.,
harvested from the Wando waters rich in fucoidan.

[How to use]

After arranging the skin texture with a mist toner, apply it to the palm of your hand,
pressing gently with your hands, as if covering the entire face.
Burst bubbles and tap for more than 10 seconds to fully absorb it,
so you can feel deeper moisture elasticity.
Since it is quickly absorbed without stickiness even if it is reapplied several times,
you can experience a tighter elasticity density by layering the bubble serum several times on the cheeks,
chin line, neck skin, etc., where elasticity easily falls.