Skin & Lab Barrierderm Intensive Cream 50ml

Skin & Lab
Barrierderm Intensive Cream 50ml

*Additional moisturizing to moisturizing
(pillarseed, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, three layers of iron-tipped moisturizing from the inside to the outside)
*Additional comfort without stimulation.
Completion of hypoallergenic test, safe prescription for sensitive skin
*Additional moisture without stickiness
A customized formula that leaves only the optimal moisture suitable for the skin without greasing or slipping.
* At the temperature closest to body temperature, the peel seed grains (FLS),
which are the most similar to the skin barrier moisturizing ingredient, melt gently and have high skin absorption.
The encapsulated FLS ingredient strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes it.

[How to use]
It is a product that can be used both on the face and on the body,
so it is better if you reapply it regularly whenever you feel dry.