[Skin 1004] Zombie Beauty Zombie Pack 2g x 8EA /3.5ml x 8EA Immediate Lifting Effect

Skin Angel (1004)_ Zombie Pack

* Pores suffering from impurities and sebum
* Skin sagging due to decreased elasticity
* Conspicuous fine lines with the onset of aging

- Immediate lifting effect
A monster-like lifting pack that tightens and pulls saggy skin and fine lines!
Immediately after use, let's experience the visible lifting effect easily and conveniently at home!

Simple self-diagnosis

As the pack dries, you can feel the skin tightly wrapped.
Observe skin changes after application.
Uneven areas - areas with insufficient elasticity
Cracked area - dry area

- Effective for anti-wrinkle, wrinkle improvement and skin tone improvement

How can I see the lifting effect?

- Albumin to smooth out wrinkles
The protein (albumin) contained in the egg white, the main ingredient of the pack, strengthens the sagging skin and helps the skin elasticity
In addition, it has astringent properties, so it can help to care for pores and is excellent in preventing fine wrinkles

[How to use]
- Separate one portion of the zombie pack, open it so that the powder does not fly, add the activator, and mix it with a brush

- Apply the entire face from the bottom to the top so that it does not touch around the eyes and lips,
and after about 10 minutes, cleanse your face with lukewarm water

- Apply the remaining pack to the neck wrinkles that you care about, or reapply several times on areas that need care

- It is recommended to use it at least 3 times a week, once every 2-3 days
- If the pack application time is prolonged, it may be difficult to cleanse your face with lukewarm water
In this case, wash your face by diluting a weakly acidic foam or general foam