SKEDA Hydro Overnight Sleeping Pack 100ml Moisture pack For Male

Hydro Overnight Sleeping Pack 100ml 

Amazing skin changes while sleeping!
A male-only sleeping pack that simply applies and sleeps well!
Sleeping pack features that the skin retains moisture while sleeping,
so that half of it is absorbed by the skin to supply insufficient nutrients,
and half of the skin has nutrients and moisture remaining on the skin surface,
so it does not dry out and maintains moisture even after cleansing.

By adopting a subtle scent that induces sleep, it helps not to be disturbed by sleep,
and it boasts a quick absorption power with a light gel-type formulation.

Contains lemon extract, grapefruit extract, kiwi extract, apple extract, grape extract, orange extract, and citron extract.

It contains Bio Saccharite Gum-1 to make the skin smooth and soft,
and forms a moisture film on the skin to keep the skin moist for a long time.
It even contains copper tripeptide to relieve skin stress.

[How to use]

Apply a small amount in the morning to use like a moisturizing cream,
and in the evening, apply plenty of it to fill up the lack of nutrition.